Penny Paperbrain (pennypaperbrain) wrote in specfets,
Penny Paperbrain


Do you wear glasses? Yes

Do you prefer guys/girls in glasses?
I find most guys instantly double their attraction if they put glasses on. Big yes!

Your favorite speccy
Fictional: Tatsumi from YnM *fangirls*
Real (well, sort of!): Giles from Buffy

Someone you think would look good in glasses
Fox Mulder

SpecXSpec name a pairing you favor with double the speccy fun.
TatsumixMuraki. Double the everything!

Tell us an anecdote about speccys (your own or someone else's that you've had contact with)
Myself and parrot_knight's glasses used to make sweet bespectacled love by interlocking the frames and then wearing them (so we were linked at the corners, so to speak).

What's the most attractive part about a speccy?
The fact that IMO it makes them look (even) more intelligent.
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