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Hi *waves* Newbie ahoy! ^^;;

Do you wear glasses?

Unfortunately for me, yes. My eyesight is pathetic: without my specs, I literally have to get right in your face in order to see you clearly. For that reason I can't wear regular sunglasses; I have to use the clip-ons that came with my last pair of glasses. Which makes me rather envious, because there are many cool kinds of sunglasses out there that I'd like to be able to wear. At least the clip-ons are pretty nice.

As to the alternatives (i.e., contacts and LASIK) - I'm pretty squeamish about anything that has to do with my eyes and putting stuff in them. I can't even hold still for the doctors when they go to put those horrid pupil-dilating drops in them. *shudder*

Do you prefer guys/girls in glasses?

Doesn't matter. I'm happy either way.

Your favorite speccy.

Anime: Muraki *slurps* and Tatsumi from Yami no Matsuei
Real: Umm...myself? (I've been wearing glasses for so long I think I look kinda weird without 'em...)

Someone you think would look good in glasses.

Tsuzuki! He looked quite delish in the Devil's Trill arc when Hijiri came looking for some aspirin.

SpecXSpec - name a pairing you favor with double the speccy fun.

Tatsumi x Muraki. 'Nuff said.

Tell us an anecdote about speccys (your own or someone else's that you've had contact with).

I learned the hard way NEVER to go sledding with your glasses on...at least, don't do it on a hill where its users are routinely sent flying due to hitting numerous bumps on the way down, and *especially* don't do it if you've just gotten new specs. You are tempting fate that way...

When I was a sophomore in high school, I'd just gotten new lenses put in the frames (the frames were this really cool blue-leopard-spotted type that I liked and wanted to keep, since at the old place where I used to get my glasses, they had all ugly frames). That same week, my brother and I went sledding at the state park, which has this giant hill (which is actually two hills in one) famous for local sledding.

All was going well and I was having a lot of fun. Then my dad said, 'time to go home' because it was getting late in the day. I should have listened...but nooooooo, I said, 'please, just one more?'

You guessed it - that 'one more' was what did me in. Halfway down the monster hill I hit a pothole and went flying (all we were using for sleds were these cheapo plastic sheets). Had the wind knocked out of me but good, and worse, my frames were completely busted - I even thought I'd lost one of the lenses, but luckily, found it nearby. Eyeglass place no longer had that frame in stock, nor could they repair it, so I was stuck having to wear a freaky set of bright neon pink plastic frames that all but screamed 'uber-nerd!' for about a week, till I was able to find a new pair of frames and have the new lenses that I'd just gotten put in those.

Moral of the story: I have ever since avoided sledding on that hill. Heh.

What's the most attractive part about a speccy?

Teh ebilness. >:D
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